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About the founder

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Dishan Jayasinha MD, Founder, and CEO of Jay Med Technologies, besides being trained as a doctor and getting his M.D., he was also fortunate to be selected to be on the board of one of the largest IPA's in the area where he took a position as a Vice President.

Dishan Jayashinha came up with the idea of founding Jay Med, LLC when he realized that the medical industry is run in most part by medical professionals like MD's and that they are progressive. Also, they want a higher standard when it comes to technology, and he had a way to help them get it. Dishan believes he has a unique perspective when it comes to Medical Technology due to being a medical doctor himself and knowing information technology so well; he is confident he has something to contribute to the field and a superior way to solve those unique problems. Furthermore, he became aware of the need for Medical Billing Services for Federally Qualified Health Centers after noticing that larger practices and institutes are busy saving lives, and more and more the billing side gets neglected or done incorrectly. Dishan Jayashinha realized this hurts the bottom line of the centers, especially in the current medical climate, in which every cent counts for their viability and longevity.

About us

We help you to manage your core strengths.
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Jaymed Technologies are designed to give you greater control of your time, reduce your administrative costs and maximize your earning potential. Get back to the business of healthcare. We’ll take care of the rest.

Since 2015, Jaymed Technologies has been liberating physicians from the time, expense, and headache associated with the operation of their practice. Physicians nationwide trust Jaymed Technologies to facilitate efficiency, understand and capitalize on governmental reform, increase billing revenue, and utilize cutting-edge technology to its best advantage. Your specialty is medicine. Our specialty is the business of medicine. And we have the results to prove it.

  • Our Vision
  • Our Values
  • Our Mission
Our Vision

Excellence, Proficiency, Strategy


We are committed to offer excellent customer service and affordable benefits management. We bring comprehensive, unified management facilities that offer all-in-one, reliable service for both your plans local or nationwide.
Jaymed offers experienced approach, technical proficiency, general network access and claims administration asset to deliver an effective health management program as per our client’s strategies and ideas.

Our Values

Our Experienced approach, your desired result

  • We strive to provide best quality services using our simple and relevant approach.
  • We respect our clients and listen to them carefully in order to give them the desired result.
  • Respect, Trust, Passion and Commitment are our major concerns.
  • We have experienced people with ‘Can Do’ attitude.
Our Mission

Dedication, Enthusiasm and Professionalism in our services


Jaymed’s mission is to decrease its client’s overall price of worker’s compensation accountability by offering quality claims management united with value-oriented medicinal management programs. Our years of experience and acquaintance to the services we provide are the most important asset to our client’s management program.

We work smarter, not harder.