How Radiologists Can Prepare for ICD-10

How Radiologists Can Prepare for ICD-10

The advancement in technology and medical science need physicians to sustain continuously developing terms.  ICD has gone through numerous changes and has just faced one more revision. Here’re some major things that radiologists need to be prepared for ICD-10.

Include the Codes

Tips To Scale a Medical Practice

coding and billing solutions

Usually, physicians and doctors are providing their practices to big hospitals for some specific reasons. The offices that are selling their medical solutions are not able to scale their practices with their patient rolls. In this case, they need to get out before facing any legal penalty of neglecting rules and cutting down the reimbursements.

If you’re seeking for effective ways to maintain your work competently, you should learn to scale your whole medical claims and practice. Here’re a few major aspects of scaling that you consider.

Difference between Coders & Certified Coders

Certified Coders

Medical coders play an important role in the regular operations of any healthcare company. The responsibility of a coder includes office visits, submitting codes for patient diagnosis and send the claims to insurers. As an essential division of a company’s return and profit stream, it is essential these claims are correct and in time. Though  all medical coders receive instruction, only certified expert coders are known as the best in the professional field. Jaymed Technologies employs only experienced and certified coders, making sure that medical claims and billing are done in a thoroughly professional manner.

Track Record

Efficient Record Keeping Gives Better Patient Care

Better Patient Care

Poor medical documentation affects the medical practice as it leads to incorrect internal and external reports and failed investigations and reviews. There are a number of causes behind poor record keeping:

  • Inconsistent and wrong documentation
  • Improper use of documentation
  • Lack of confirmed information in the record
  • Repetition of details for caregivers, staff and patients
  • Lack of governance in record development

Multipurpose nature of the medical documentation causes difficulties in understanding the exact information. Correct and efficient record keeping provides clear explanations such as:

Major ICD-10 Transition Issues In Medical Practices

ICD-10 coding

Medical practices must be updated regularly with all current rules and regulation in order to get successful business. It is very important to know major ICD-10 Transition Issues that are faced by medical practices today. Listed below are some of the most important issues that you must know if you wish to see your medical practice running smoothly.

Guidance and Training

Advantages of Converting to ICD-10

Converting to ICD-10

Last year in October, 2015, the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department made a rule of switching from ICD-9 to ICD-10 for medical practices. As the new version is more technologically advanced, it is more difficult. However, the ICT-10 is effective for your health care services. Here are a number of benefits of converting to ICD-10 for clients.

Increased and Accurate Payment

How to Improve Medical Coding and Reimbursement

Medical records and stethoscope

Increasing a practice’s revenues totally depend on accurate procedures such as filing correct claims with guidelines, tracking the rejection aspects and sending appeals in time. Some tasks related to  reimbursement benefits can be easily done with better organization and work division. Other issues related to insurance coverage and technical aspects must be taken care by the front desk and technical team of the company.

Here are some important tips to get better medical coding and reimbursement.

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