Difference between Coders & Certified Coders

Certified Coders

Medical coders play an important role in the regular operations of any healthcare company. The responsibility of a coder includes office visits, submitting codes for patient diagnosis and send the claims to insurers. As an essential division of a company’s return and profit stream, it is essential these claims are correct and in time. Though  all medical coders receive instruction, only certified expert coders are known as the best in the professional field. Jaymed Technologies employs only experienced and certified coders, making sure that medical claims and billing are done in a thoroughly professional manner.

Track Record

Certification denotes that a coder is an expert in the relevant field. Since certification needs further training and the clearing an exam. Additionally, certified coders also have experience, that means they already hold the knowledge to process your claims quickly and properly. Jaymed Technologies has a successful claims rate, ensuring a consistent revenue stream for your practice.

Knowledge of latest changes

The biggest difference between a coder and a certified coder is that a certified coder is aware of all the latest modifications and changes in medical coding.  In the medical field, changes in industry standards are very frequent. For instance, the modification in ICD-10 that became compulsory in 2015 needs medical coders to study and apply these sets of information in their practice. Where non-industry coders have no way to stay updated with the changing trends in the medical industry, certified professional are required to keep an eye on all the latest happenings in their field. Jaymed Technologies ensures that its coders have the best knowledge and experience in current medical information.

Commitment and Ethics

Medical coders handle a very sensitive information regularly that include health and patient records. It is significant that medical coders are dedicated to protecting, sustaining the privacy of each information, and abiding by rules generally. Certification makes sure that a medical coder is identified professionally and committed to keeping these moral principles.

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