Important Steps For Successful Medical Billing Process

Successful Medical Billing Process

The process of medical billing is quite complicated but if it is planned and executed perfectly, one can run his medical practice business smoothly and successfully. A well planned medical billing process helps to create a claim. There are several steps involved and repeated in the process, it causes delay in payment. This is the reason you should work with experts in the field. Here are some important steps required in a successful medical billing procedure.

Patient Information

When a patient checks in, his appointment must contain patient demographic information, his insurance details like policy number and insurance payer. These details are useful in a claim process.

Eligibility and Verification

Both new and regular patients must verify their information at every appointment. Their insurance details can be altered anytime so you need to confirm if there are any changes. Wrong or changed information  can drastically impact the benefits. So it is better to double check patients’ information.

Accurate Coding

The accurate coding of claims, including diagnosis and process is essential for giving correct information about the disease and treatment process to insurance payers. Make sure you use the exact diagnosis codes to explain the patient’s health issue and the right process codes to illustrate the patient’s treatment procedure.

Bill Entry

This is about entering the bill for the treatment that patient has got. The bill must include the correct medical codes to process and therapies given to the patient.

Claims Submission

When a claim process is properly finished, it has to be submitted to the insurance payer for reimbursement. The person involved in the procedure of Medical billing must be able to access to the details they require.

Payment Posting

The final step is about posting and setting down the function. During this process, the bill amount to the client will be nil in case it has been paid. Means it will reveal the sum due by the patient.

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