Analytical & Customer Services


Jaymed understands the importance of correct data and usage that is why it applies high standard analytical services to detect and stop fraud in medical data. Our team gets all the important data in integrated form from several resources including EMRs, medical, health claims and a lot more. Membership for personal health plan is increasing day by day and it is becoming very difficult to optimize customer visiting in order to enhance customer loyalty. However, being a leader in health plan service provider, we tackle each problem related with customer data analysis effectively.

We deliver high class medical coding precision with seamless healthcare investigation. We provide our client excellent customer service in best possible way:

  • We make sure that every health claim is processed further on time and paid precisely as per plan compliance.
  • We spot potential claims that can result in competence and ROI.
  • Boost auditor efficiency while decreasing time to revise claims by eradicating long and error-prone manual procedures.
  • Distinguish faults in coding and make correction with automated recommendations.
  • Systematize the auditing task with mechanism learning processes.
  • Assess the proficiency of the claims structure and advance internal strategies and controls as required, leading to condensed cost and improved savings.
  • Adjust HL7, HIPAA, EDI and ANSI data.