EDI Claim Generation


The EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is a set up to meet HIPAA needs for the submission of healthcare claim details via electronic methods. This method is used to exchange a particular information between two or more trading associates This claim information about the prescriptions and overall information about the meeting between a patient and health care provider or doctor. It has following information:

  • Patient’s information
  • Patient’s health conditions or diseases for which he was treated.
  • Details about the services
  • The overall expenses of the treatment

We provide standardized services for EDI Claim Generation. Our company processes files in ANSI X12 5010A1 (HIPAA-compliant).

  • 270, Eligibility requirements
  • 271, Eligibility application replies
  • 276, Claim status needs
  • 277, Claim status request replies
  • 277CA, Claim acknowledgment
  • 278, Referrals and approvals
  • 834, Group registration
  • 835, Payments, remittance guidance
  • 837, Claims
  • 999, Useful acknowledgements

By using our EDI solutions, both patients and health care providers can make transactions quicker at a reduced cost.