Medical Coding


Jaymed’s medical team is proficient with years of experience. They review and evaluate patient’s bills for correctness and inclusiveness and collect any lost information. Since they have years of experience, they have vast knowledge of insurance procedures and guidelines specifically state Medicaid and Medicare. Our team of medical coders precisely record, register and track details of each patient. Coders also make sure that providers abide by the law related with medical records and they provide health professionals the data to track the most successful treatment.

Our medical coders recover patient information for doctors who want to see the previous history for future analysis and treatment. Our coders take good care of following aspects:

Rules and regulations

Medical coders play a huge role in determining that a doctor or health care provider must follow certain rules related with record keeping. You don’t need to worry about the privacy of your details as our coders protect each patient’s privacy by retaining their medical history confidential.


Medical coders at Jaymed electronically review, record, keep and report massive amount of data and they utilize this data in different ways. They organize and store numbers for medical databases and patient’s records to assist hospitals and doctors track a treatment’s long-lasting efficiency. To aid providers find reimbursement, coders allot medical codes with sorting software. In addition, doctors and hospitals use coders’ accumulations of medicinal histories to study how to manage expenses or increase care.