Payer Solutions


Our advanced payer solutions allow to derive operative brilliance and boost customer service in order to let our clients feel good and satisfied with our services. It also helps us to get better bonding with our customers. We believe that improved communication with our clients, decreased cost and efficient procedures are important aspects for healthcare payers. We offer our payer services according to the same.

Jaymed is providing its client a vast range of payer services that include Medicare Risk Adjustment, Pre-Adjudication, Data Management for major HMO, PPO, Pre-Adjudication, Adjudication, Indemnity to government sponsored plans such as Medicaid, Medicare and worker’s compensation. We manage everything related with claims life cycle including provider submission to claims re-adjudication.

Our extensive knowledge related with payer and provider procedures, technology settings and information flows deliver services for population documentation and administration, master data administration and data warehousing, professional aptitude, contract management help and client service.

Our payer services can help you get following benefits:

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Offshore, onsite and shore competences
  • Effective engagement models
  • Reimbursements authentication and claims management
  • Business IT competences, Risk management and compliance