Signs Of A Good Medical Practice

Medical Coding and Billing Solutions

Finding a good medical practice is difficult? It is tough to find but not impossible as you need to be a little careful while choosing an expert medical practice. So how to know whether you are selecting an expert company? Medical claims and billing solutions have one main procedure to take, Billing, and it takes a proper plan to undertake this process. It is taken as a multipurpose, difficult and resourced method. Thus, it becomes essential to identify the right way from patient’s details to revenue cycle management.


When a patient enters the clinic for the check- up, it’s important to know the essential detail for a successful claim filing. The insurance data of a person, including policy number and insurance payer are vital.

ICD-9, 10 and CPT Review

After recognizing the healing program a patient is going through, coding claims should be done in an informal manner. ICD-10 and ICD-9 help you understand a patient’s diagnosis codes, CPT is the complete data about it. Accurate diagnosis codes need to be applied for a payer’s precise assessment.

Insurance Confirmation

A good company will ensure that the claims are done only for suitable candidates. A patient is considered as ineligible if his policy has been completed or customized and if you’re still offering them with billing solutions, it can cause you loss. Thus, having a clear claim is impressive and profitable.

Preparing for Claims

After adding all the important details, the claims have to be submitted to the payer. A payer may enclose diverse rules accordingly to assure the insurance requirements, and it becomes imperative for the medical billers to be attentive to each detail and variables before claim submission.

Reimbursement Posting

The last step is about the payment amount that is due to the patient. After checking the accuracy of the payment details, payments are made to the patient’s financial credit.

Jaymed Technologies – Offshore Medical Coding USA

Jaymed Technologies is a USA based medical practice firm that provides medical coding and billing solutions at very reasonable cost. The company offers a wide range of healthcare solutions to its clients. These services are helpful in reducing the time used up on billing and coding procedure so that you can focus on your patients more proficiently. Jaymed offers expert technical proficiency, experienced approach and general network access to give an efficient health management program according to the client’s plan and ideas.


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