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About Us

We help you to manage your core strengths.
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Our Mission

Jaymed’s mission is to decrease its client’s overall price of worker’s compensation accountability by offering quality claims management united with value-oriented medicinal management programs. Our years of experience and acquaintance to the services we provide are the most important asset to our client’s management program.

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Our Values

  • We strive to provide best quality services using our simple and relevant approach.
  • We respect our clients and listen to them carefully in order to give them the desired result.
  • Respect, Trust, Passion and Commitment are our major concerns.
  • We have experienced people with ‘Can Do’ attitude.
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Our Vision

We are committed to offer excellent customer service and affordable benefits management. We bring comprehensive, unified management facilities that offer all-in-one, reliable service for both your plans local or nationwide.
Jaymed offers experienced approach, technical proficiency, general network access and claims administration asset to deliver an effective health management program as per our client’s strategies and ideas.

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We offer the full spectrum of services to help organizations work better.
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Claim Adjudication & Audit

In today’s growing marketplace, health claims managers need to adjudicate claims precisely to regulate expenses. We provide personalized claims audit and accessing services giving health insurers with competent, balanced third-party vision into claims procedures and business office processes with the assistance of professional ideas. Our audit professionals have extensive medicinal acquaintance and knowledge in all phases of healthcare claims management. They are assigned to deliver excellent outcomes for our valued clienteles.


Revenue Cycle Management


Provider Solutions

Jaymed is health claim service provider specializing in cutting cost and enhancing cash flows with the help of technically advanced medical billing software. As we understand the need of new solutions for enabling collaboration, engaging patients and managing costs. All providers such as hospitals, physician practice or health system. We offer exclusive health care services that are intended to develop and apply simple deployment methods and get better solutions. Our healthcare proficiency and services are planned to enhance the potential of all client’s present technology investments. We help you to maximize your compensations, reduce accounts receivable and deliver complete report.


Payer Solutions

Our advanced payer solutions allow to derive operative brilliance and boost customer service in order to let our clients feel good and satisfied with our services. It also helps us to get better bonding with our customers. We believe that improved communication with our clients, decreased cost and efficient procedures are important aspects for healthcare payers. We offer our payer services according to the same.


Technology Solutions

At present, the healthcare industry is seeing swift fluctuations with the growth of digitization in payer and provider sections. Money saving initiatives and consumerization are driving the business everywhere. These variations have enforced healthcare administrations to reevaluate and revolutionize their existing structures as well as grow new business and skill competences. At Jaymed, most advanced technology solutions are used to keep the process standard and easier.


Analytical & Customer Services

Jaymed understands the importance of correct data and usage that is why it applies high standard analytical services to detect and stop fraud in medical data. Our team gets all the important data in integrated form from several resources including EMRs, medical, health claims and a lot more. Membership for personal health plan is increasing day by day and it is becoming very difficult to optimize customer visiting in order to enhance customer loyalty. However, being a leader in health plan service provider, we tackle each problem related with customer data analysis effectively.


Our company is driven by our core values of respect, trust, passion and commitment.
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We understand our client’s need and their expectations from us and same is the reason that we are able to provide complete satisfaction in terms of our health management programs. They trust us for our excellent services and knowledge. Our value oriented solutions make us the reliable service provider among clients. Jaymed’s aim is to satisfy customers with best outcomes, on time delivery with quality performances.



Compliance helps companies in similar industries better support their business partners, letting them explore new services that were earlier hindered by safety and confidentiality issues. In health care, for example, companies are getting focused on new offerings such as e-prescriptions, business processes and decrease managerial costs. A number of these applications have been fielded but with only limited success because of inconsistent security controls, especially in the area of authentication.


Cost Effectiveness

Our major concern is to provide unique services within the budget of our clients. We want our clients to come back to us every time they need health management program and affordability is main aspect they look for. Thus, we offer excellent pocket friendly services to win the hearts of our customers.


Skill Employment

Employees and team of a company play a huge role in success of the organization. We understand the same and that is why we hire best and highly experienced people in our team. They work with great proficiency and expertise to ensure quality services.